Travels of a Bookpacker is a popular travel blog focused on budget and long term travel with the purpose of providing quality and reliable advice on a range of topics, including: travel books and libraries of the world, van living, travel gear and equipment and travel budgeting tips. 

We offer our readers practical travel advice and suggestions whilst intertwining stories from our many travels along the way. We are open to a variety of partnership opportunities, such as: sponsored posts, products reviews, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing and press trips. 

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Travels of a Bookpacker is targeted at long term and budget travellers, however, also reaches a wide audience of travellers from around the world.

We find our blog attracts those between the ages of 18 and 50 and predominantly females. 

Our readership comprises of a majority of people from the United States, Australia and Germany. We also have readers from a variety of countries including New Zealand, Canada, the United Kingdom, the Philippines and India. 

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Partnership Opportunities

Sponsored Posts - We offer sponsored posts for hotels, tour companies, tourist attractions, restaurants and other travel related services. 

Product Reviews - We regularly review a variety of travel products, equipment and gear on our blog. We would love to review you product with a link back to your site. These reviews will also be shared across our social media channels. 

Affiliate Marketing - Have a product, service or course you want to direct potential customers to? Why not provide us with an affiliate link and we will include this in one of our posts. 

Influencer Marketing - We have a large blog and social media following and would love to leverage this to promote your product or service. Get in touch and we can send you some more stats!

Press Trips - We love travel and we aren't afraid to share this sentiment with others. If you have an opportunity for us to experience your hotel, tour or destination, please get in touch with us below.

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