About Me

Born in London, raised in New Zealand and having lived in five countries, change and travel have always been a part of my life. For the last two years I have been living in Germany and teaching a gorgeous (and somewhat crazy) class of seven year olds from all over the world. 

I grew up surrounded by books thanks to my mother (a teacher) and several aunties who are librarians, teachers, book shop owners, editors and book lovers. Travels of a Bookpacker combines my two loves in life - travel and books. Join me as I write about my adventures, experiences and favourite books while travelling the world on a budget with my third love in life...


About Max

Max shares my love of travel and adventure. So naturally we've been planning to travel the world together since we met in Frankfurt 3 years ago. Max grew up just outside Frankfurt and was working as social worker in a care home for teenage refugees. His family travelled a lot while he was growing up and when he was older Max spent some time living in Argentina. He has travelled extensively in the Americas and Europe as well as some trips to Africa. He is really looking forward to exploring Asia and the Pacific and finally seeing New Zealand!

While Max doesn't write for the blog he makes sure I'm well fed, takes copious quantities of photos on request, drives me around the world and makes a pretty great travel buddy.


Where I've Been

I’ve travelled to over 60 countries in Europe, Central America, The Middle East, South East Asia and the Pacific. I’ve travelled alone, with my family, friends, my boyfriend and strangers. I’ve hitchhiked, used budget airlines, taken overnight buses and trains and a plethora of other transportation means. I’ve spent months backpacking and been on weekend getaways. I travel on a budget and like to avoid busy tourist areas and overpriced attractions. Good food, good views and good company are what I look for in every travel experience.

Where I'm Going

In July 2017 Max and I will left ‘real life’ and took our van across the Balkans towards Georgia where we sold it. We then spent a month in Iran and 3.5 weeks in Sri Lanka. 2018 will take us through India, Nepal, South East Asia, Central Asia and perhaps Australia. Finally we will get a flight back to NZ to begin the saving process again. All of the above is subject to change but join us as we save, plan and begin our epic journey!

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