Is It Worth Buying a Camera? Sony Alpha 5000 Review

I'm no professional but I do have a love of awesome travel photos and like to have good quality pictures of the places I've been. After the disappointment of looking through my first travel photos of Europe and finding only a handful that were good enough to print I decided a camera upgrade was required. I also wanted to know if I would actually bother to carry it around with me or would just use my phone. The camera soon proved worthwhile but, after a couple of years, phone cameras again surpassed my digital number and it was time to make some serious decisions. Our camera criteria was simple: It needed to be easy to use, as neither of us know a lot about photography. It needed to be relatively small and light so we could comfortably carry it with us for a day. And lastly, we didn't want to break the bank. Enter the Sony Alpha 5000! After trawling through reviews, technology blogs and asking friends we were recommended this one and decided to take the plunge.

This is a Compact System Camera (CSC) which, in short, means you can get similar quality pictures as with a DSLR but the camera itself is much smaller and simpler to use. Read here for a detailed break down of the differences and how they influence the photos.

Key Features

-20.1 MP

-Micro USB charger

-Allows you to store RAW image files which enable more advanced editing (not important for us right now.)

-Flip up screen for selfie mode.

-Light and compact.

-ISO 100-16000

-Good battery life


-Price (we paid €360)

We've had the camera for about 6 months now and really love it. We bought this super cool leather camera case and carry it with us when we go out for the day during our travels. The camera functions are easy to use and I have started to teach myself how to use the different modes to get better pictures. We are also looking into buying a second lens for our trip next year that will give us better zoom. Although I still feel I am under-utilising the camera's abilities, I'm really happy to have good quality pictures of our travels.

Here are some of the pictures we've taken with zero experience and very little adjusting or editing.


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