Caves in Slovenia and Other Travel Challenges

Caves in Slovenia and Other Travel Challenges

Books about travel always interest me and recently I found a great book to spice up our travels. 203 Travel Challenges is an awesome book (and website) aimed at inspiring new and seasoned travellers to experience a different side of travel. From challenges in your own backyard to once in a lifetime experiences, just flip open a page and start planning!

We recently completed our first travel challenge of this trip #20 - Go inside an extraordinary cave. We found some amazing caves in the middle of Slovenia that we'd never heard of and decided to check them out!

Rak Škocjan Park is a valley created when some giant caves collapsed. Now the valley is marked by the natural bridges at either end. In between are plenty of beautiful walking tracks, sink holes, caves and rivers to explore. 

The area is accessible by road and is just a short drive from the town of Postonja and the capital city, Ljubljana. It is free to enter. Nearby there are also more extensive underground caves which can be viewed as a guided tour. Postonja caves and the less touristy Skocjanske caves are both incredible. 

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We're totally inspired to keep searching for new and different experiences in the places we visit. My biggest dream is challenge #187 - Go to the airport and buy a ticket for the cheapest flight of the day. But that may need to wait until after van travel!

For now, here are ten other challenges we have already completed on previous travels. 

Travel Challenge #38 - Discover an abandoned place and take a walk in the past

On our last trip to Berlin we visited the Teufelsberg abandoned radar tower which has been turned into a street art haven. Well worth a visit if you're in Berlin! 

Travel Challenge #24 - Feel like an ant among rock phenomena

I had never experienced a proper canyon before our trip to Kazakhstan and was totally awed by the Charyn Canyon just outside Almaty. You can read more about it in our Almaty City Guide

Travel Challenge #52 - Feel like an ancient king or pharaoh

I finally fulfilled on of my childhood dreams with a trip to Egypt in 2015. It was everything I expected and more! I spent 10 days staying with friends before Max joined me for a further 10 days. One of my favourite trips to date! Here were out top five experiences

Travel Challenge #113 - The slow return challenge

We did this one by accident! Most of you know the story of how we missed our flight home from Edinburgh and ended up hitchhiking the whole way home. If you haven't read it yet you can have a laugh at us here

Travel Challenge # 117 (seasoned travellers) A one month trip with a backpack weighing no more than 7kg

Well my amazing backpack has been on several long trips and is only handluggage sized. The longest I've done so far is six weeks but we are prepapared to take it all out as we take only our 40L backpacks for indefinite travel. Yes, we have matching ones! Why do we love these bags so much? Read all about them here. 

Travel Challenge #108 - Spend Christmas at 30°C

Ok I cheated with this one a little being from New Zealand. But Christmas in the sun is an awesome idea! Here's what you can expect in a classic Kiwi Christmas.

Travel Challenge #76 - Drive along picturesque winding roads

Not buying a vignette in Switzerland forced us onto some smaller roads and we ended up winding our way through the Alps. Read our information about the vignette and how you can avoid the toll-roads here

Travel Challenge #62 - Get lost in a magic garden

As the book suggests, when in Holland we took a trip to the Keukenhoff Gardens. Not our usual travel activity but they were really beautiful!

Travel Challenge #194 Find the world's largest...whatever

In Astana, Kazakhstan we found the world's largest tent and boy was it impressive! It contained a shopping mall, mini theme park and swimming pool!

Travel Challenge #16 Sweet camper life

To quote the book 'You've read all those travel blogs of people who left their jobs and embarked on a journey around the world by van. We'll say no more. You know what to do'

Well we knew what to do and are currently living this challenge! Read more about our van

For these and other great travel challenges get the book 203 Travel Challenges. It's also available as an ebook for those travellers with no more space in their backpack! 

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